Powerful polygon mesh-based engine

Shapelab is unique among VR creative tools in having a polygon mesh-based engine instead of a voxel-based one.

What are polygons?

A polygon is a geometric figure where three or more points define a plane. Polygons make up the surface of the mesh, which is hollow.

On the other hand, models made of voxels are solid objects made up of internal ‘blocks’.

Unique Advantages

Shapelab’s highly optimized polygon engine enables a fast and smooth operation with lower system requirements. This makes Shapelab a great option among VR sculpting applications for

editing 3D scans
and 3D printing

creating optimized
game-ready assets

creating highly
detailed renders

import/export in
common file formats

The power of polygons

Watch how artist Tom Aust takes advantage of Shapelab’s robust engine to create his artwork “HELP” with millions of polygons.