VR 3D modeling with Shapelab


Shapelab by Leopoly is an intuitive VR design software using dynamic polygon mesh-based sculpting technology, empowering everyday users to become 3D creators while also providing 3D artists with a wide range of powerful and efficient tools to create high-quality models for professional use.

Shapelab’s usage of polygons instead of voxels is unique among VR 3D modeling applications. Its robust, powerful, and optimized polygon mesh-based design engine allows users to sculpt stunning, well-detailed, and realistic 3D assets.

We are continuously working on developing Shapelab and our aim is to provide a high-performing, easy-to-use set of VR creative tools that can be integrated into our users’ design workflow.

Use Shapelab to

Create digital assets

Create detailed organic shapes such as digital props, 3D characters and other assets for applications, games and virtual worlds with Shapelab.

Design concept art

Easily navigate in virtual reality within Shapelab to design concepts for 3D art, as well as 2D assets, such as illustrations and storyboards.

Release your creativity

Put on your VR headset and learn how to sculpt in a relaxing and fun atmosphere with Shapelab. Work on personal projects and create innovative digital art in virtual reality.

Shapelab's Key Features

  • Fast, reliable and powerful polygon mesh-based design engine
  • Optional dynamic topology mode
  • Intuitive, clean interface
  • Industry grade sculpting tools
  • Numerous materials and environments
  • FBX, OBJ, STL, GLB support
  • Vertex painting
  • Multi-object handling
  • Fast stamping and boolean operations
  • Global topology manipulation

Shapelab's Key Benefits

  • Highly detailed 3D assets
  • Optimized low poly assets
  • Rapid VR sculpting
  • Compatibility with game engines and 3D printing
  • High performance
  • Intuitive interactions
  • Real life-like sculpting
  • High control over polygons
  • Effective presentation and iteration on ideas
  • Tools for easily editing 3D scans

What our users say

“Amazing update guys! I really tried to break it with millions of polygons, hundreds of clones, booleans, decimations and it survived and was incredibly stable”

Robert Moreno Meikins – animation filmmaker and artist


“The multi-object capability, boolean workflow, and paint feature alongside how smoothly it ran took me by surprise. You all have built something that surpasses other tools in many ways.”

Cody Rutty – painter and 3D artist


“As a real world sculptor, I’ve come to know and love sculpting under VR goggles as a new working tool without physical constraints. Shapelab first hooked me with Dynamic Tessellation, which actually greatly enhances the advantage that polygon-based sculpting already has for me over voxel-based sculpting! It really is a boon to my way of working. The program impresses with a clear structure, thereby intuitive accessibility and an enormous stability and performance, even with a large polygon count.”

Tom Aust – sculptor and VR artist


“I really like where you are going with the program. I did some tests of blocking out full characters and I’m very fast with Shapelab which surprised me as dynamic tessellation isn’t something I’ve been a big fan of. Until now!”

Glen Southern – 3D and VR artist


Get Shapelab now

Shapelab is available on Steam.