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What is a VR design software?

VR design software solutions provide tools to easily create 3D objects in virtual reality, thanks to moving the cursor in six degrees of freedom with VR controllers instead of using a flat-screen computer with a mouse and keyboard. Virtual reality makes 3D design an enjoyable experience, but more importantly, it gives the user an understanding of perspective like never before. In addition, VR interactions allow for using specific design tools more effectively, ultimately contributing to a faster workflow.

Polygon mesh-based design engine

Shapelab is polygon mesh-based, which makes it unique in the VR design software market. A polygon is a geometrical figure where three or more points define a plane. These points are called vertices. The line between two points is called an edge, and the plane they form is called a face. Polygons can imitate any shape, and together, they create a mesh. Regular 3D modeling primarily uses this approach; however, it is less common in VR design solutions. The robust polygon mesh-based engine allows designing and presenting high-quality, well-detailed, and optimized 3D assets.

Industry-grade sculpting tools

Shapelab offers a wide selection of industry-grade sculpting and painting tools. Popular brushes include the paint brush and paint bucket, mask brush, standard brush, clay tool, snakehook, move tool, inflate/deflate, pinch/crease, flatten, trim, smooth, regularize, boolean, 3D stamp and cut, as well as the surface stamp.

Professional VR design tools

Shapelab includes many features for professional 3D design, and the list is still growing! The application offers tools to easily control topology, such as decimate, subdivide, voxel remesh, regularize, and the optional dynamic topology mode. The VR design software also includes tools for removing, deleting, and separating meshes and polygons to inspect and edit 3D scans quickly.

Use Shapelab to

Design 3D assets such as characters and props for games, virtual worlds, or other 3D apps.

Create concepts for 3D and 2D assets, such as illustrations and storyboards.

Design or customize 3D printable wearable products based on 3D body scans.

Inspect and edit 3D scans in an easy and intuitive way in virtual reality.

Release your inner artist and sculpt stunning and colorful 3D models for your personal projects.

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What our users say about using Shapelab

“The best polygon-based VR design software out there. Having tried it, I would have easily paid double. 10/10, can’t wait to see what the next updates bring. As a guy who is most comfortable in Blender, Shapelab feels very familiar to me, almost like a subset of Blender’s sculpting features, but in VR form, which is just unbeatable for letting your creativity run wild.”

Tyro12 – Steam User

Steam Review

“This is an amazing VR design software. Lots of options, and you can easily import and export your work into other software. 3D design in VR is a great feeling. It’s a must for any designer.”

IronbugVR – Steam User

Steam Review

“One of my favorite things is the adaptive resolution of the mesh when sculpting and the ability to retopologize as you work. This means you can create incredible details as well as work from large blocking for overall shapes. This is the only software I’ve found that achieves this so fluidly.“

Cody Rutty – Steam User

Steam Review

“Shapelab is currently the best VR solution for organic 3D modeling. Easy to use, smooth UI. It is overall very easy to create models with high detail. It is more user-friendly than PC software. It’s much easier to learn. I just love it!!”

Drokamonn – Steam User

Steam Review

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