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Special program for educational purposes.

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Tom Aust

Sculptor and 3D artist

"Shapelab first hooked me with Dynamic Tesselation, which actually greatly enhances the advantage that polygon-based sculpting already has for me over voxel-based sculpting! It really is a boon to my way of working."

Cody Rutty

Painter and 3D artist

“The multi-object capability, boolean workflow, and paint feature alongside how smoothly it ran took me by surprise. You all have built something that surpasses other tools in many ways.”

Glen Southern

3D artist

“I really like where you are going with the program. I did some tests of blocking out full characters and I’m very fast with Shapelab which surprised me as dynamic tessellation isn’t something I’ve been a big fan of. Until now!”

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We strongly believe that the future of 3D modelling is beyond 2D screens. In order to support students, teachers and institutions we offer special plans for educational purposes.

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