Learn the basics of 3D sculpting in Shapelab with video tutorials!

Part 1 – Navigation and the Options menu

Learn the basics of Shapelab and start creating in VR in no time! In Part 1 of our tutorial series, we explain navigation, basic operation, and the contents of the options menu.

Part 2 – Brushes and Brush Modifiers

Explore all of the brushes and brush modifiers in detail in Part 2 of the basics tutorial series. Get an understanding of the essential tools and the ones for more specific use cases.

Part 3 – Scene Mode and the File Menu

Part 3 covers the basics of Scene mode and the File menu. Watch the video to learn how to work with the scene tools and what you can do with your files.

Part 4 – The Context Menu

In Part 4 of our tutorial series, you will learn all about the tools in the context menu.

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