Key Features

Fast reliable and powerful polygon mesh-based engine

Shapelab’s robust engine ensures a smooth operation with lower system requirements than similar applications. Shapelab supports traditional professional design workflows and allows you to achieve more detailed objects than you would with many other VR 3D modeling tools

Industry-grade sculpting tools

Sculpt with familiar brushes including Clay, Draw, Inflate, Surface Stamp, Smooth, Snakehook, Flatten, Trim, Pinch, Mask, Regularize, and 3D Stamp.

Intuitive and clean interface

Discover tools that make the most use of virtual reality interactions to provide an intuitive experience as well as professional features for organic sculpting.

Easy import/export of common file formats

Import and export your creations in OBJ, FBX, GLB or STL to use them in other 3D design software or 3D print them

Vertex painting and texture export

Paint your models with industry-grade painting tools and generate and export texture maps (normal maps, pbr properties, and colors) for your vertex-painted creations during the export process.

Advanced tools for topology manipulation

Explore tools that give you control over your models’ topology. You can use dynamic topology mode for real-time tessellation of the mesh based on the level of detail needed locally. You also have options for global mesh manipulations.

Multi-object handling

Import, export, and manipulate objects separately. Clone, mirror, merge, subtract, intersect, join objects

Numerous environments and PBR materials

Choose between a variety of materials and diverse environments.

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