Using Maya 2024 and Shapelab together, you can enjoy the advantages of sculpting in virtual reality using Shapelab’s fast and easy environment, mixed with the precision of Maya’s professional 3D editing tools. From the fully detailed, high-resolution 3D model designed in Shapelab, you can create a game- and production-ready asset with perfect topology, utilizing the retopology tools that both applications provide.

Read about filmmaker and visual artist Kanta Mochida’s workflow of creating the teaser video for the New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival using Shapelab for 3D sculpting!

Read about 3D artist Alejandro Lechón's workflow of creating the Mermaid's journey, which won Shapelab's Halloween challenge in 2023.

Blender is one of the most popular programs among 3D artists. Shapelab can seamlessly integrate virtual reality in the 3D modeling process. Learn how combined these two software can revolutionize your workflow.

The Shapelab team has been in touch with a number of their users, professional 3D designers, and hobby artists alike.