Best rated polygon-based VR sculpting app

Unlock the full potential of 3D modeling in VR.

Best rated polygon-based VR sculpting app

Unlock the full potential of 3D modeling in VR.

Tom Aust

Sculptor and 3D artist

"Shapelab first hooked me with Dynamic Tesselation, which actually greatly enhances the advantage that polygon-based sculpting already has for me over voxel-based sculpting! It really is a boon to my way of working."

Cody Rutty

Painter and 3D artist

“The multi-object capability, boolean workflow, and paint feature alongside how smoothly it ran took me by surprise. You all have built something that surpasses other tools in many ways.”

Glen Southern

3D artist

“I really like where you are going with the program. I did some tests of blocking out full characters and I’m very fast with Shapelab which surprised me as dynamic tessellation isn’t something I’ve been a big fan of. Until now!”

A screenshot from Shapelab showing a fox 3D model and the user interface

VR 3D modeling with Shapelab

For beginner 3D artists and aspiring creatives, VR sculpting has the potential to shorten the learning curve and open doors to solve complex design problems needed to digitize and improve their traditional workflows and processes.
For 3D designers, VR can be a helpful addition to the workflow – for quickly creating concepts, blocking out characters, adding details and instantly testing their work in life-size. Moreover, VR can be extremely helpful when inspecting and cleaning up large 3D scan data.

Why VR?

Using virtual reality for 3D modeling offers numerous advantages.

It allows you to work with your creations in a more natural way as if they were physical objects right in front of you. This provides a level of immersion and depth that is simply not possible with traditional 2D modeling tools.

Additionally, VR 3D modeling can increase productivity, as it allows you to work faster and more efficiently, even with greater precision in certain cases.

A man with a VR headset holding up controllers
A screenshot from Shapelab showing a dragon 3D model

Power of polygons

Shapelab’s usage of polygons instead of voxels is unique among VR design software. Its robust, powerful, and optimized polygon mesh-based design engine allows users to sculpt stunning, well-detailed, and realistic 3D assets and allows users to import and edit large and complex 3D scans.

With Shapelab’s dynamic topology mode and support for industry-standard features, you can create detailed models with ease.

Use Shapelab to

Create digital assets

Create detailed organic shapes such as digital props, 3D characters and other assets for applications, games and virtual worlds with Shapelab.

Design concept art

Easily navigate in virtual reality within Shapelab to design concepts for 3D art, as well as 2D assets, such as illustrations and storyboards.

Release your creativity

Put on your VR headset and learn how to sculpt in a relaxing and fun atmosphere with Shapelab. Work on personal projects and create innovative digital art in virtual reality.

Edit 3D scans and create files for 3D printing

Import and export in common file formats. Import 3D scans to inspect and manipulate them in a more natural and intuitive way in VR. Export your designs and 3D print them to create physical objects.

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